Hyundai Scotiabank First Start Program

The Hyundai My First Vehicle Program offers dealers the opportunity to finance and lease vehicles to qualified customers with no prior automotive finance history. In effect, this program is for any customer who would like to finance or lease their first car purchase.


Loan and Lease: All new Hyundai vehicles only

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO): All CPO-registered vehicles


  • No prior auto finance or lease experience
  • Customer has no derogatory credit (no delinquencies, no change-offs or judgments)
  • Customer has prior credit history
  • Proof of income may be required
  • Proof of insurance may be required
  • A reasonable down payment is recommended

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    Scotiabank will apply tailored guidelines based on the credit quality of the candidate and the individual factors of the application. For example, higher credit quality applicants will be able to support higher financed amounts and the applications with large downpayments relative to the value of the vehicle will be appraised favourably. If the customer does not meet one of the above criteria, please submit the application to Scotiabank under the regular lending program for consideration.

    If you have any further questions about the Hyundai My First Vehicle Program, please contact your local Scotiabank Area Sales Manager (ASM) or Hyundai Regional Manager.