Boosting Instructions

How To Jump Start A Car's Battery

Things you will need:

  • Jumper Cables
  • Another vehicle with a good battery

Step 1: Turn off anything electric- headlights, radio, portable chargers, etc.

Step 2: Locate your positive and negative terminals on your battery, and on the car's battery that will be assisting you with the jump. Line the cars up hood to hood, but make sure they don't touch. Keep in mind some car's have their battery's in their trunk!

Step 3: Connect. Start with one positive end of the cables and connect it to the POSITIVE terminal on the dead car's battery

Step 4: Take the other end of the positive cable, and connect it to the positive terminal on the car assisting with the boost.

Step 5: Take one end of the negative cable and connect it to the negative terminal on the working car.

Step 6: attach the final negative cable to a piece of solid metal on the dead car. This could be a bit tricky to know whether a piece is good or not. There is usually some frame exposed around the inside of the engine area, or find a bolt that is NOT part of the battery.

Step 7: Make sure no one is touching the cables- then go and start the working car, and let it run for a few minutes. To double check your connections, you can turn on the dome light in the dead car.

Step 8: after a few minutes, start your car. If it sounds like its trying to turn over but still can't, let it sit for a few more minutes. If it starts, give yourself a pat on the back. You'll need to keep your now running car running for a while so that your battery will keep the charge.

Step 9: disconnect the jumper cables in the opposite order you attached them in. Negative from the metal, negative from negative terminal, positive from positive on the assisting car, and positive from positive on the now working car.

And that is how simple it is to jump start a car!